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Custom Pork

Custom Pork


Bring farm fresh pork raised by Shivers Family Farm to your freezer.  Our hogs are raised in open lots and fed a corn and protein mix.  Since 2021 we have been increasing the Berkshire influence in our herd by purchasing purebred sows and boars.  We have been using Milo Locker in Milo, Iowa since 2019 and have been pleased with their cut options, costs and customer service.  


1: Place an order with Shivers Farms for butcher date and quantity 

2: Deposit bill will be sent to you (1/2 $100, whole $200)

3: Pay Deposit

4: After butchering, Shivers Farms will provide final bill (minus deposit)

5: Pay final bill

6: Locker will contact you when product is ready. Pay processing at time of pick up.


$2.00 per pound to Benjamin or Emily Shivers for the pork.

$1.00 (approximate depending on cuts) per pound hanging weight to Milo Locker 


Contact us with any questions

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