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Farm Fresh Pork For Sale

Shivers pork is raised on a 3rd generation family farm north of Bondurant, Iowa.  Our farm is small with 10-15 sows raising pigs year round. Our pigs are raised outdoors, not in confinement like many large operations.  Supporting local farmers is a great way to support a small business that supports your local community.  Our pigs are so loved, they were used in Ben & Emily's engagement, which went viral!

Farm engage 1.jpeg
Why purchase pork from a local farmer? 

You will receive great cuts of meat for a value price.    Added bonus, you know where the meat came from and who processed it. 

"We love what we have gotten from the Milo Locker!"
      -Karen Scott, Facebook May 2020
Farm engage 2.jpeg
"Best Meat!!! We totally recommend the Shivers! We bought beef and a hog from them- my husband said we'll never go back to store bought. It's SO GOOD."
        -Vanessa Lindsey, Facebook 2020
Farm Engage 3.jpeg

          I've purchased, now what?

     Shivers Farms will send you an invoice for the pork. 

     We will make an appointment for the processing. 

     Contact Milo Locker for cutting instructions

     Milo Locker will contact you to pick up your farm
     fresh pork.  ENJOY!!!

What do I need to do to purchase pork? 

 Make Space in a Freezer

     Depending on your purchase, you will receive 120-300 pounds of meat.  


     Availability of pork and processing appointments make this difficult to
     answer.  Please contact us for specific timeline.

 Available Cuts
     Visit Milo Locker to see options available**

     Contact Milo Locker for processing estimate


 What size is right for me? 

     1/2 Pork - *120-135 lbs

     Whole   - *240-260 lbs


 What is total cost? 

     1/2 Pork - approximately $200 + *Processing fees

     Whole   - approximately $400 + *Processing fees
     *$1 per pound depending on cuts

   *Weights are approximate.  Actual weight determined during processing.
   **Pork can be transported to a locker of your choice for additional fees

ISU Extension Whole Animal Buying Guide
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